EMP from NEC Sept 2011

Well the long awaited revised Environmental plan from NEC has been submitted to DERM !!

They had a full 3 days to spair before the mining lease application would have expired and then they would need to start all over again .

This document is available at the site www.northernenergy.com.au/projects/marybourgh/emvironment.html

Queensland Govt has conducted a public partipation asking for comments on mining close to residents and this closed on the 16th. Sept.

Local councils were also asked to provide input and we have gained a unanomius vote to have the 2ks buffer zone apply to Aldershot and other towns less than 1000 in population in the Fraser Coast area and this request has gone  to DEEDI and the Minister for mines and energy.

In effect this is a  request from the people of Fraser Coast.

We have also submitted as AADAM and forwarded the 1000 strong petition against Colton mine and copies of  the feedback forms which were sent to NEC some 2 years ago.

As independent medical and scientific advice says that 5ks is the minimum distance required between open cut coal mines an residents we are currently petitioning the Qld Govt. to increase the buffer zone to 5 ks and you can sign this e-petition at   http://www.parliment.qld.gov.au/work-of-assembly/petitions/e-petitions?PetNum=1766

If we can swing this 5ks buffer this would wipe out the Colton mine in its current form so pleas try to get as many signatures as you can from friends etc.

Please lobby your councillors on this matter as well.

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