ATTENTION ALL AADAM MEMBER'S, SUPPORTER'S & ENVIRONMENTALIST's: NEC's Environmental Management Plan Rejected by DERM!!!!!!

AADAM has just received news that the Department of Environment and Resource Management has REJECTED Northern Energy's first Environmental Management Plan for their proposed coal mine. While this is positive news for members of AADAM and all residents of the Fraser Coast who care about our environment it is still only early days.

Below is a transcript of the press release submitted to the Fraser Coast Chronicle by AADAM's Vice President, Brian Linforth.

"Advice received today from Daniel Cohen at DERM in Maryborough indicate that the initial Environmental Management Plan provided by Northern Energy Corp. did not comply with the DERM requirements on a number of issues.This is despite the NEC consultants AARC providing approx. 1000 pages of theory modelling as to what MIGHT happen if the mine were to go ahead. We believe there were many issues to be addressed including DUST, WASTE WATER DISCHARGE TO MARY RIVER and BIODIVERSITY ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES RELATING TO BOTH FLORA and FAUNA.
Aldershot And District Against Mining will request that local independent MP. Chris Foley present a 1000 strong anti-mine petition to the next sitting of Qld. Parliament  in early Oct.
AADAM Vice Pres. Brian Linforth is meeting with the Greater Mary Group to discuss issues regarding the potential for pollution of the GREAT MARY ESTUARY and FISHING GROUNDS.
Research carried out by AADAM shows that some 30% of open cut coal mines exceed the limits placed on them by DERM each year and in one case the Qld actually suing a mining coal company for uncontrolled discharge of polluted waste water during an unusual rain event.
In a summary of an EPA survey for the years 2000 to 2007 the NSW coal mining industry had a total of 4898 breaches of mining lease licence requirements which related to WATER POLLUTION, AIR / DUST POLLUTION NOISE / OTHER.
Indications are there will be further delays of many many months before this matter can be finalised
Although these mines are all over our country , and bringing in huge income for the Governments it may be that the price that is to be paid as they move ever closer to the Eastern Coastline is just too much to be paid.
Brian Linforth

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