Quality coal is a massive contributor to global warming: Where's Aldershot’s coal bound and what will it be used for?

We would like to say thank you once again to Jim McDonald for his continued support and interest in our campaign. Jim attended our meeting on Wednesday night despite having to drive a very long distance and being extremely busy with his commitments leading up to an imminent Federal election.

The environmental impact of this proposed mine was discussed and included the potential disaster of the Mary River being contaminated by toxic waste discharge water from the mine and the fact that the quality hard coking coal that NEC plans to ‘dig up’ will be sent directly to China to be used in their open hearth furnaces for steel production. These furnaces produce 10% of China’s CO2 emissions and significantly contribute to global warming.In April this year NEC signed an agreement with Chinese steel maker, Xinyang Iron & Steel Group Company Ltd (Xinyang), for 65% of the mines production for the life of the mine and is expected to deliver NEC $700 million dollars in sales revenue over the next 10 years.

Jim congratulated our group on our determination and commitment to stand up for our rights against a multi-million dollar, internationally funded company and pledged his party's support with our efforts. 

                 Picture retrieved from  http://dailysciencedose.com   on the 10th of July, 2010.    





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