Support from Chronicle Editor

We are very pleased to announce that the editor of the Fraser Coast Chronicle has taken the time to come out to our village and listen to our concerns. After meeting with some of our concerned residents,  seeing first hand how close this mine proposal intends to be to our homes and gaining an appreciation of what is at stake, Mr. Chapman has published his personal apprehension regarding NEC's plans to develop their open cut coal mine at Aldershot in his editorial column in the Fraser Coast Chronicle, My Comment . Mr Chapman states that, "When the Colton Mine Project was first raised I thought it was just what this district needed but after spending a day in the small township of Aldershot I am now not so sure". He goes on to say, "It does seem clear to me that the proposed mine site is too close to Aldershot not to be of major concern. If the facts show that this mine will damage our environment and also impact on the lifestyle of almost 1000 of our residents we will stand up and say it. If the facts show the opposite we will report that. Emotion will rage on this issue and facts will become clouded and twisted".

 My Comment with editor Peter Chapman. Retrieved from on the 10th of July, 2010.

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