WBBCC meets with Federal Environment Minister to discuss Open Cut Coal Mining Proposals in the Lower Mary Catchment

The WBBCC continue with their fantastic work protecting our precious environment and ensuring the Federal Environment Minister is aware of the hugely destructive mining proposals currently being planned for our region.

Major topics for discussion included the current and future proposals for open cut mining in the lower Mary catchment and whether this type of development would be considered to be compatible with the protection of the Mary Turtle, Lungfish and the Great Sandy RAMSAR values, as well as the values of the Great Sandy Biosphere and proposed expansion of the World Heritage Area.

“This gave us the opportunity to indicate the potential risks to all MNES ( Matters of National Environmental Significance ) associated with the lower Mary catchment , and how these key ‘Environmental Matters’, go hand in hand with the economic values of the regions Recreational and Commercial fishing and Tourism Industries”, said Miss Currie.

Retrieved from www.wbbcc.wordpress./ on the 2nd of August, 2010.

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