Poet from the Tweed puts his pen to work for AADAMs cause!



Aldershot, believe it or not

We understand your plight

Why folks all band together

How neighbours all unite

  Your no fools, you’re off your stools

While knowing right from wrong

And taking on those Mister Bigs

 Prepared to stand up strong

They’ll talk of wealth creation

With no mention of your needs

They’ll talk of jobs for nation

Yet no mention of their greed

 No mention of the wildlife

Forget the birds and bees

They’ll destroy the vegetation

 What right to touch those trees

Mines pollute our waterways

Dust in water tanks

Road and rail destruction

Say no to mines, no thanks

A man’s home Is his castle

yet Come those thieves in the night

Destroying mankind’s landscape

So all stand up for what is right

K.C. Tweed 2010-07-20

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