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EMP from NEC Sept 2011

Well the long awaited revised Environmental plan from NEC has been submitted to DERM !!

They had a full 3 days to spair before the mining lease application would have expired and then they would need to start all over again .

This document is available at the site…

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New exploration lease cover entire Aldershot area

Howard Burrum CoalPty Ltd. have been issued an exploration lease which covers all of Aldershot and most of Torbanlea and includes part of the jail.

This seems to surround the existing Northern energy exploration lease and gives the company the right to drill in our backyards.

If you object to this p…

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Newsletter 1#


Pres. Steve Harding-Vice. Pres.Brian Linforth-Sec.Sue Crickitt

Tres. Col Renyolds

72 Smelter St. Aldershot 4650

Tel 41221011—e-mail

Visit AADAM’s Website at:


10th.February 2011


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NEC Targets Mine to be Six Times Larger than Initial Proposal by 2015

In a recent announcement made by NEC regarding the appointment of Preferred Contractor for CHPP Construction at their proposed Colton Mine-…

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Coal Mines Release Polluted Water into River Systems

The fears of all who are concerned about the possibility of NEC gaining approval for their open cut coal mine at Colton due to the inevitability of this mine polluting the Mary River, the Susan River, and ultimately, the Great Sandy Straits, have been realised with recent floods causing many coal mi…

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NSW Director of public health says mine is a risk to public health

We congratulate Mr. Foley, Maryborough MP, for standing alongside other Queensland Independents and voting for a moratorium on all coal seam gas mining operations in Queensland. Unfortunately both Labor and the LNP parties banded together to vote to amend this motion by Aiden McLinden therefore null…

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The Hunter Valley Protection Alliance held a joint strategy forum with a coalition of community action groups from Queensland, NSW and Victoria to discuss the issue of the escalation of destructive coal mining and coal seam gas operations throughout Australia.

John Thomson, Executive Officer of Hunt…

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ATTENTION ALL AADAM MEMBER'S, SUPPORTER'S & ENVIRONMENTALIST's: NEC's Environmental Management Plan Rejected by DERM!!!!!!

AADAM has just received news that the Department of Environment and Resource Management has REJECTED Northern Energy's first Environmental Management Plan for their proposed coal mine. While this is positive news for members of AADAM and all residents of the Fraser Coast who care about our environme…

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How can questions such as these be called Additional questions?:

Additional questions raised by residents?

 “How are you going to stop the toxic dust that our children and elderly residents are going to be breathing?”

“What are you going to do about the toxic dust landing on our roofs and ultimately flowing into our water tanks?”

“How are you going to p…

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WBBCC meets with Federal Environment Minister to discuss Open Cut Coal Mining Proposals in the Lower Mary Catchment

The WBBCC continue with their fantastic work protecting our precious environment and ensuring the Federal Environment Minister is aware of the hugely destructive mining proposals currently being planned for our region.

Major topics for discussion included the current and future proposals for open…

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Poet from the Tweed puts his pen to work for AADAMs cause!



Aldershot, believe it or not

We understand your plight

Why folks all band together

How neighbours all unite

  Your no fools, you’re off your stools

While knowing right from wrong

And taking on those Mister Bigs

 Prepared to stand up strong

They’ll talk of wealth…

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Councillors support going green?


Fraser Coast; Perfect by Nature!

How can we promote the above with a dirty black coal mine at our back door?

According to this article in the Fraser Coast Chronicle Councillors support going green!…

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Willy & Di Paes July 15, 2010

Our World Treasure - A PLACE TO KEEP SPECIAL- in 2009 the Great Sandy Strait region was awarded Biosphere Reserve status by UNESCO, giving world wide recognition to the Fraser Coast region as an UNIQUE WORLD TREASURE, equal to region in the same class as Galapos Island…

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Quality coal is a massive contributor to global warming: Where's Aldershot’s coal bound and what will it be used for?

We would like to say thank you once again to Jim McDonald for his continued support and interest in our campaign. Jim attended our meeting on Wednesday night despite having to drive a very long distance and being extremely busy with his commitments leading up to an imminent Federal election.

The …

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Members attend Traveston Dam anniversary at Kandanga

Two of our members, Vice-President Brian & Secretary Sue, attended the Traveston Dam Anniversary and Museum opening at Kandanga on Sunday to rally support  from Save the Mary campaigners. They were very pleased with the outcome as signatures flowed onto our petition forms and they received inspirati…

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Keith Barker Tells Singapore Investors NEC's application is just the start

In an ASX meeting in Singapore NEC's managing director Keith Barker assured investors that NEC's application to mine 500 000 ton of coal per annum at Colton was just the initial application and once approved subsequent applications would follow. He went on to claim that NEC intended to install a coa…

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Councillors Support: Sue Brooks: I am constantly reminded of these words… "Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we cannot eat money" 19th Century Cree Indian

AADAM has invited Fraser Coast Councillors to join their cause and now have the support of Councillor Sue Brooks, Environment Portfolio, and councillor and labor candidate for Hinkler ,  Belinda McNeven. Both members have communicated that they believe the negatives of this proposal outweigh the pos…

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Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council holds information session for Aldershot residents

When news spread throughout our community about the  proposed Colton Coal Mine many Aldershot residents were concerned. The WBBCC were the first in line to provide information and advice. On hearing about our concerns their dedicated members quickly organized a community information session at our …

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Federal Green's Candidate Sends Peter Garrett Letter

Dr. Jim McDonald supports our fight calling for this proposal to become a Federal issue and requesting Peter Garrett to intervene.

Warren Truss Meets with AADAM

The Honourable Warren Truss met with our members on Tuesday the 6th of July at the Aldershot Community Hall. Mr. Truss offered to pass our concerns on to the State Health Minister.

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