Coal Mines Release Polluted Water into River Systems

The fears of all who are concerned about the possibility of NEC gaining approval for their open cut coal mine at Colton due to the inevitability of this mine polluting the Mary River, the Susan River, and ultimately, the Great Sandy Straits, have been realised with recent floods causing many coal mines throughout Queensland to breach their Environmental Authority Conditions by releasing their polluted waters into local river systems.

These events support our objections to The Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) giving NEC any Environmental Authority to develop its coal mine anywhere on the Fraser Coast as they are powerless in preventing these destructive events occurring in the future. How can we allow the future of our precious Mary River to be placed in the hands of a company that has no record whatsoever of operating a coal mine?????? 

Below are two articles regarding the above events.

CSG and Coalmines release polluted water

QLD coalmines release polluted water

Story Added : 29th December 2010

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