Councillors Support: Sue Brooks: I am constantly reminded of these words… "Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we cannot eat money" 19th Century Cree Indian

AADAM has invited Fraser Coast Councillors to join their cause and now have the support of Councillor Sue Brooks, Environment Portfolio, and councillor and labor candidate for Hinkler ,  Belinda McNeven. Both members have communicated that they believe the negatives of this proposal outweigh the positives. In other words the environmental destruction and impact on community health are far more important than the claimed economic benefits to our region. 

In her response Councillor Sue Brooks says,  “I don’t believe the economic benefit which will not be a great one locally, will outweigh the long term environment cost to both our natural environment and to the residents that already live near the site”. She states, “While I acknowledge that mining provides jobs and an economic benefit to many areas I don’t believe that the Fraser Coast is a suitable location for extensive mining activity to occur.

We are lucky and privileged to live here in a region of diverse and beautiful natural beauty. The fauna and flora (including corals) found in this region are unique and I believe that mining activity has the potential to damage this fragile natural ecosystem”.


We thank her for her courage, honesty and support.

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